Ocean House

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Frequently Asked Questions

As Innkeepers we have heard it all when it comes to myths about bed and breakfast establishments and the owners. Some of the misgivings can be quite amusing while other myths have hung on for decades and simply won’t let go. So, here are a few questions and answers that seem to arise often. Of course if you have other questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Do B&B owners prepare the breakfast themselves?

  • We pride ourselves in planning, preparing and serving your breakfast to you.

Will we have to share a bathroom?

  • Each of our rooms have their own private bathroom.

Will we be eating breakfast with strangers?

  • Our dining room is set up to share a table and we find that many new friendships have begun around our breakfast table. We do our best to accommodate special requests. There is also an option to enjoy breakfast in the privacy of your own room.

Is there a front desk staff available 24/7?

  • The short answer is no. However, we are the owners, chefs, planners, maintenance crew, reservation and check in staff and even your concierge. Ocean House is our home, so we are usually around or close by. . If we are not available, give us a call, leave us a message if we do not answer and we will return your call or inquiry as soon as we are able.

I have special dietary needs; can this be accommodated?

  • We are accustomed to preparing food with all types of special needs in mind. Please let us know when you are making your reservation, so we are best prepared to make your stay comfortable.

What if I am allergic to feathers or scents?

  • Every bed and breakfast is different, however we do not use any scented cleaning or laundry products. Our down pillows are encased in an allergen proof microfiber cover so as not to trigger any sensitivities you may have. We are also able to substitute pillows if needed.

What if I have other questions?

  • We are always eager to talk, answer questions, offer ideas and tell stories. We are here because we enjoy people.