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Whale watching Oregon Coast

Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

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Whale watching on the Oregon Coast is one of our favorite things to do in the Newport area, no matter the time of year. For the past several months, we’ve been doing a good job of keeping ourselves at home and isolated, thus protecting the communities around us.  As cities and states begin to open up over the coming weeks though, odds are you’re looking for somewhere close to home to get away and enjoy a change of scenery.  A trip to our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast is exactly what you need.

The Oregon Coast is one of a few places that allow for natural social distancing. In fact, getting away from the crowds and chaos of day-to-day life is one of the top reasons people visit us on the Oregon Coast. Depoe Bay, located just a short distance away from our luxury oceanfront Inn, is considered the top place for whale watching on the Oregon Coast.  Join us this summer for a relaxing getaway at our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast.

The Best Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

Contrary to popular belief, whale watching on the Oregon Coast is actually a year-round activity.  If you’re looking for gray whales, the best chance to see them is during the winter and early spring, between the months of December and April.  Gray whales migrate every year from the cold waters of the Bering Sea up north, to the warmer southern waters off Mexico (and then back again).  Around 20,000 gray whales make this 6,000-mile migratory journey each year, which always delights visitors to the Oregon Coast.

Whale watching Oregon Coast

There are also somewhere between 200-400 resident gray whales off the coast of Oregon, and they often seen from the shores during the summer and fall months. This small group of whales provides some wonderful whale watching year-round. These whales, in particular, love to hang out near Depoe Bay feeding off the mysid shrimp.

Beverly Beach State Park Campground, which stretches from the Otter Rock headlands to Yaquina Head, is a great place to enjoy some whale watching in the Newport area. The best time to see these local whales is from June – mid-November.

The annual gray whale migrations aren’t the only time to enjoy whale watching on the Oregon Coast, though. There are several species of whales and porpoises that call the waters off the Oregon Coast home, including humpback whales, minke whales, bottlenose dolphins, and orcas. These species are most commonly seen feeding in the summer months, with the central coast near Newport and Depoe Bay being the best place to spot them.

Whale watching Oregon Coast

Rest and Relaxation at our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast

Depoe Bay, and consequently the best whale watching on the Oregon Coast, is located approximately 15 minutes north of our luxury Bed and Breakfast, making us an ideal place to stay and enjoy a little rest and relaxation this summer.  Our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast is situated just off Agate Beach in Newport, offering you luxurious oceanside accommodations that are simply unbeatable.

Wake up to a freshly prepared breakfast each morning of your stay, enjoy one of our many common areas inside and out, and wander down to a stunning expanse of Agate beach. Our small inn only has 8 guest rooms, which means you can rest easy, knowing there won’t be large crowds here.  Social distancing is built into our everyday life, and we’ve updated our policies to ensure you enjoy the safest and most comfortable time away from home.

Our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast really is the tranquil and luxurious getaway you’ve been dreaming of.  As you begin to make plans to get away from home this summer, consider booking 1 or more getaways to this special place. You won’t be sorry!  Book your room at our Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast today!