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Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail and Other Hikes Near Newport, Oregon

Hike the Oregon Coast Trail Near Newport

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The Oregon Coast is open, and this summer is a wonderful time to come explore this exceptionally beautiful part of the world.  If you’re looking for great hikes near Newport Oregon, you may want to consider a portion of the Oregon Coast Trail (OCT).  Generally, hiking trails near Newport, OR don’t offer the same experience as others in the Pacific Northwest, at least when it comes to strenuous climbs to alpine lakes and rugged mountain peaks.  Though you certainly can find those types of hikes near Newport, most of our favorite hikes involve a little jaunt through old-growth trees before opening up to spectacular ocean views.

And ocean views are probably what draws you to the Oregon Coast in the first place, right? There are some really beautiful hikes to take near Newport, but for incomparable ocean views around the clock, you’ll want to stay at our Newport Bed and Breakfast.  Here, you’ll find stunning ocean views framed from every window of our Inn, and private trails that lead straight down to Agate Beach.  Nothing says relaxation in quite the same way as relaxing by the fire on the deck and enjoying a vivid sunset over the rugged coastline. That’s exactly what you’ll experience here.  Book your room at our Newport Bed and Breakfast on the scenic Oregon Coast today.

The Oregon Coast Trail Offers Great Hikes Near Newport Oregon

Whether traveling along sandy beaches, through shady corridors of old-growth forest, or across majestic headlands, and even sometimes along highways and city roads, hikers on the Oregon Coast Trail enjoy plenty of dramatic views of Oregon’s rugged coastline. In total, the OCT travels through 28 coastal towns, including Newport, Oregon. Though it’s possible to hike the Oregon Coast Trail as a thru-hike, we think it’s best broken up into smaller segments.

It’s the 362 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail, and the many state parks along the way, which provide unprecedented public access to Oregon’s most beautiful beaches, that have earned the coast the nickname “the people’s coast.” As you travel down the Oregon Coast Trail, you’ll pass through a number of state parks and recreation areas, as well as across a variety of easements from private landowners. This access to these remote and beautiful places is what makes the Oregon Coast such a unique and treasured getaway destination.

Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail and Other Hikes Near Newport, Oregon

Birdwatching is also pretty great along the Oregon Coast Trail.  Many of the Oregon State Parks along the trail are popular nesting and feeding sights for coastal birds, especially between the months of March – September. Otherwise, here are a few great highlights of the Oregon Coast Trail near Newport.

  • The Oregon Coast Trail winds alongside Depoe Bay, which is one of the best places for whale watching on the Oregon Coast. There are some key migrations in both the spring and winter, but there are also plenty of resident whales in the area, which means whale watching is possible year-round.  Read our blog about Oregon Coast Whale Watching for more information.
  • Enjoy views of and explore the area around Otter Rock, just off the coast. This Marine Reserve offers visitors plenty of rocky intertidal habitats, which means it’s a great place to explore tide pools. Common species include mussels, sea stars, sea anemones, chitons, and a wide variety of seaweeds.
  • Beverly Beach State Park, another destination along the Oregon Coast Trail, offers a broad expanse of sandy beach that stretches from Otter Rock in the north to Yaquina Head in the south.
  • Visit Oregon’s tallest lighthouse at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. This incredible place is one of our favorites in all of Newport. Not only is the lighthouse beautiful, but the area offers exceptional birdwatching, light hiking, and excellent tidepools.
  • Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site offers another chance to explore a restored lighthouse.  This park is situated at the north end of Yaquina Bay where it meets the Pacific Ocean. The bluff is forested with spruce and pine, and it’s absolutely beautiful.
  • To the south of Newport is South Beach State Park, where you’ll find a few different hiking trails and ways to explore this beautiful park.

As a general rule of thumb, when exploring coastal areas it’s a good idea to understand Newport Tide Tables before heading out on your adventure, but if you time it right at low tide you can enjoy tidepools aplenty.  It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy an otherwise hidden world just off Oregon’s Coast.

More Great Hikes Near Newport

While the Oregon Coast Trail certainly offers plenty to explore and enjoy, there are other great hikes near Newport Oregon, too.

  • Enjoy a hike along Newport Beach, starting at the Lucky Gap Trailhead and ending at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.
  • The Yaquina Bay Estuary Trail is a trail that connects the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. It’s more of a walk than it is a hike, but it’s a beautiful journey that navigates the estuary landscape of ferns, plants, and birds.
  • Head to Mike Miller Educational Park on the south side of Newport, where you’ll have the chance to explore some coastal old-growth forest, sand dunes, and marshland, along with a few wooden bridges. The hike is 1.2 miles total and fairly easy.
  • Beaver Creek State Natural Area is home to some gorgeous upland meadow trails. The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, including an elk herd that makes frequent appearances.
  • The Ocean to Bay Trail in Newport offers a nice change of pace for hikers in the area. It starts at Agate Beach, which is right in front of our Newport Bed and Breakfast and meanders its way through quiet forests to Yaquina Bay (some city walking is required).

Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail and Other Hikes Near Newport, Oregon

Where to Stay on the Oregon Coast

Our Newport Bed and Breakfast offers you the perfect escape this summer.  Our beachfront location makes it easy for you to enjoy the very reason you came to the coast in the first place; the chance to play on the beach and enjoy the scenery. Each of our 8 guest rooms offers stunning views of the coast, along with private en-suites, some with jetted tubs, and many additional amenities that will make your stay the memorable vacation you’re dreaming of.

In the evening, unwind around the fire on our deck, and enjoy a mesmerizing sunset over the rugged coast.  A few days here will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.  Book your room at our Newport Bed and Breakfast today.